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.NET Conf 2020

December 1 2020

.NET Conf 2020

It is that time of year again. Microsoft just finished the .NET Conf 2020 talks and there is a lot here to unpack. With the pending merge of the .NET Core and .NET Framework projects into .NET 5, we knew this was going to be a big year for developers. And Microsoft did not disappoint. Follow along for some overviews and deep dives into what Microsoft announced, and what that means for development teams and your custom software going forward into 2021.

Benefits of Azure for Small to Medium Business

November 24 2020

Benefits of Azure for Small to Medium Business

Don’t Let IT Challenges Distract Your Business

November 23 2020

Don’t Let IT Challenges Distract Your Business

In today’s modern business environment, reliable digital infrastructure is essential and having access to real-time IT support is a resource that you can’t afford to live without. Fortunately, contrary to popular belief, you have cost-effective options that can provide some peace of mind.

Protecting Your Browser Session with Isolated Sessions

October 26 2020

What is Microsoft Defender Application Guard?

Attackers often hijack browser sessions to steal and/or manipulate data. In addition, they run malicious code to steal passwords, plant trojans, ransomware, and other activities to penetrate your network.

How-to Read Office Documents with PowerShell

October 22 2020


Modern Microsoft Office documents are created with Open XML formatting. PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents are mostly created with an Open format that is widely documented with SDK available. There are a couple of ways to install the SDK, but with Windows 10, this process is even easier.

Auditing role assignments with Privileged Identity Manager (PIM)

October 19 2020

Auditing PIM

As a best practice, most security professionals recommend administrative users have two accounts - one for administrative tasks and a second account for all other tasks. This ensures that things like email that can be a vector for malware are kept separate from the account with administrative rights. Unfortunately, this creates a hurdle for many environments, in that the additional time and effort taken to manage and use two accounts for all administrative users becomes problematic.

Is Microsoft’s new Edge the right choice for your organization?

October 14 2020

Microsoft’s new Edge and Enterprise Mode

The new Microsoft Edge is a browser built for business. This Chromium-based browser offers many advantages over its predecessors and other browsers in the market today. So, is it the right choice for your organization?

Data Wrangling Series: Major League Baseball Play by Play Data in Azure Data Lake Gen2

October 2 2020

Azure / Power BI

This is a continuation of our series on “weird data wrangling” scenarios. In this blog post, I will tackle some interesting data on Major League Baseball play by play data.

Getting Started with Power BI Series: The Best Tools to Make You Successful

September 30 2020

Power BI

Are you new to Power BI? Have you always wanted to know how to use the tool, but never knew where to start? This is the blog post for you! My colleagues suggested that I create a blog post series highlighting the important pieces to learn when getting started with Power BI-- based on my own experiences. This will be the first of several blog posts that will demonstrate the steps you should take to get started on the right foot with Power BI.