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Weekly Azure Roundup-June 21, 2019

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June 17th - 21st, 2019

Weekly Azure Roundup

Azure Bastion Preview: Private and fully managed RDP and SSH access to your virtual machines

Azure Bastion (Preview) is a fully managed PaaS service that provides secure and seamless RDP and SSH access to your virtual machines directly through the Azure Portal. Azure Bastion is provisioned directly in your Virtual Network (VNet) and supports all VMs in your Virtual Network (VNet) using SSL without any exposure through public IP addresses.

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KiZAN Azure Weekly Roundup Tweets

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Now in preview! Self-serve Azure Event Hubs Clusters via the Azure Portal or ARM! Within your cluster, you can subsequently create and manage namespaces and event hubs per usual and ingest events with no throttling.

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Microsoft Azure @Azure

See how to schedule exports to storage with #Azure Cost Management.

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Learn how #HoloLens helps @Airbus designers virtually test their designs to see if they are ready for manufacture.

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Posted by Brandon Stephenson

Brandon Stephenson is the Infrastructure and Operations Practice Lead working out of KiZAN’s Cincinnati office.  His team provides solutions focused on Azure Infrastructure, On-Prem Infrastructure, Automation, Identity, Identity Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and IT Operations.  He acts as an Architect and Technical Lead for Infrastructure solutions, and industry best practices to advise and transform customers with the way that they leverage their technologies to provide value to their customers. 


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